Inspired by the biggest gurus of personal development, who incite everyone to change their lives, Joana Marques decided to change her life as well. She is now presenting herself as a coach of low performance, and aims to not fill Altice Arena, for something which will only be one more failure, adding to many others in her path.

This event promises to be the biggest demotivation talk ever takinh place in Portugal (and even in Spain) and will also include the presence of special guests, with lives equally uninspiring. Deep and touching testimonials, to the point of showing us that no, we are not going to make all our dreams come true.

This is an anti-help event, which will count with the biggest Portuguese experts in pessimism, and in which Joana Marques promises to change the lives of all in attendance. For the worst.


Description of special ticket with coaching session:

- Includes 1-minute coaching session, which was previously 625 euros. GET IT NOW!

- Also includes a "Desconfia" kit, with educational material and a VERY SPECIAL object to take as a souvenir.


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