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Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor

Maria Gadú is one of the most respected and acclaimed Brazilian artists from the last two decades, having been recognized as an outstanding interpreter and composer who conquered a significant place in the historical flow of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). To reach this status, she used her talent as well as the recognition of her peers. As an example, she has toured with the biggest names of Brazilian music, Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento, two masters who have always spoken very highly of her.

The singer's debut was in 2009 with the album “Maria Gadú”, including the mega hit “Shimbalaiê” which was even included as soundtrack of the soap opera “Viver a Vida”. The fact that she wrote this song when she was merely 10 years old shows how much music has always been important in her life. Two years later, in 2011, she released a live album in which she shared the credits with Caetano Veloso. The albums “Mais Uma Página”, “Nós” and more recently “Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor” have become a source of more hits, such as “Quase Sem Querer” or “Dona Cila”, singles that have gathered over 150 million plays on Spotify alone, a platform on which Maria Gadú has over 2 million monthly listeners. This popularity explains why she has received nominations for the Latin Grammys, as well as several awards by the Brazilian industry.

Her most recent album “Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor” is an hommage to several key players in the Brazilian Popular Music, from Marisa Monte and Rita Lee to Gonzaguinha and Caetano Veloso, becoming a love letter to a culture that she has always loved and gotten motivation from. Gadú, who is an activist for antiracial, feminist and LGBTQIA+ causes, understands that music is something essential in our lives. And that is what she is here to give us, in a much awaited reunion with her Portuguese fans.

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