20 years after the DVD recording of Só Pra Contrariar accoustic, the band is back again for their definitive goodbye.

What seemed like a dream for many has finally come true! After years of expectation, Alexandre Pires and Só Pra Contrariar are back again to share the same stage.

For the public's euphoria, one of the most famous Brazilian bands has officially announced the tour "SPC Acústico 2 - O Último Encontro" which will be the goodbye from singer Alexandre Pires from the group. For the longing fans, this will be the last opportunity to watch the group in its original lineup.

With over 20 million records sold, countless sold out shows, many awards and several hits in people's memories, the band has become immortalized with hits like “Domingo”, “Essa Tal Liberdade”, “Depois do Prazer”, “Mineirinho”, “Que se chama Amor”, “Sai da Minha Aba” and the funny hit “A Barata da Vizinha”, responsible for rocking the samba dancefloors still today.

Now, the musicians are preparing themselves for this emotional goodbye, which will take place in Porto, on May 4, 2024, at Super Bock Arena.


VIP Plateia - VIP Experience includes:
- Early entrance
- Possibility to watch the band's sound check
- Watch two songs, exclusive for Experience fans
- Meet & Greet


Para adquirir bilhetes de Mobilidade Condicionada, por favor contacte a bilheteira da SUPER BOCK ARENA - Pavilhão Rosa Mota através do telefone (+351) 220 503 257 ou pelo email, de forma a garantir que os bilhetes são adquiridos pelas pessoas a que se destinam.



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