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The trio responsible for the cult podcast, which became an extremely successful show and sold out several coliseus, is coming back with more disturbing moral dilemmas and (some) dementia.
Live and with guests, ladies and gentlemen... UMA NÊSPERA NO CU, at Altice Arena.

"Imagine you are at home doing nothing, and that suddenly someone calls you and suggests doing the exact same thing, but in a big place where there are people who pay to see you being very good at doing nothing. And the one who calls you says that if you want, you can take two more people to do the same thing as you, but they will be paid less because they have a face that scares humans away. Wouldn't you say yes? I did!"
Bruno Nogueira

"Nêspera no Cu was a podcast that turned into a live show. After that, it became a musical. More than all this, it was a happy experience among friends. However, I honestly thought it was over, both the show and the friendship. Why didn't anyone tell me that this... that this would stay forever?"
Filipe Melo

"This was already a settled business. This almost destroyed our lives and our careers, why come back? Luckily, and as the person with the strongest influencer power of the team, I can beg you all: don't go. Don't buy tickets for this. As a renowned Portuguese artist once told me, referring to Nêspera, "what you're doing is dangerous, and if you want, we can have coffee and I'll explain you why". I never did have that coffee, but it's likely he's right. Another renowned artist said "you, brilliant people, why do you have to do these sometimes stupid things?". We should listen to renowned artists."
Nuno Markl

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