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Wet Bed Gang are performing for the first time at Multiusos de Guimarães.

This is the debut performance from the hip-hop group originating from Vialonga in the biggest show venue in Guimarães.

Wet Bed Gang are Kroa, Gson, Zizzy and Zara G., the spokespersons of a music combining the strength of ancestry with the irreverence from Rap which made a group of friends become one of Portugal's biggest music phenomena. More than the unique sound, Wet Bed Gang represent the mixture, multiculturality and the reunion between Africa and Europa.

From 2013 until today, a lot has happened in the group's story. From the first songs to the EP IV (2018) which gives a singular voice to each Wet Bed Gang member - where they showcase their talent and essence - which merges in the super hits “Devia Ir” and “Mesa Oito”, with over 57 million combined views on Youtube.

In 2021 they release the first album, Ngana Zambi, whose real meaning, translated by Bonga, is: "and entity that encompasses all the knowledge of being, of creation, of the power of originalities, of everything that makes part of humanity."

In 2023, The Gorilleyez Tour brings about this show which promises to be one more demand in the Wet Bed Gang movement, introducing the project Gorilleyez, aiming at satirizing the context in which the animal was historicaly used as a racist weapon. The gorila has now arrived in his real coat, noble and emancipated, through musicalized stories, which honor the tradition and raise the Wet Bed Gang flag as high as possible.

In December that flag will be hoisted in Guimarães, consecrating an unforgettable concert on the 7th on the stage of big emotions, where the fun will continue afterwards in the After Party with DJ Fifty.



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