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After selling out 50 thousand tickets for their Sao Paulo show in two hours, and other four shows since then, Titãs have finally announced that Portugal will be able to attend their "Encontro".

It all started in 1982, in Sao Paulo. Titãs, for many the biggest rock band from Brazil, sold over 6.3 million albums, with a repertoire full of collaborations with renowned Brazilian artists and several international singers. A unique and singular story. The years passed and the band lineup was permeable to both entries and exits from band members. But in 2023 they bring one of the best gifts of the year to Rock lovers.

Seven musicians from the band's classic lineup have gotten together for the tour "Titãs Encontro". This reunion also features Arnaldo Antunes, Branco Mello, Charles Gavin, Nando Reis, Paulo Miklos, Sérgio Britto and Tony Bellotto, and will be an epic moment in the history of Brazilian culture.

After the 50 thousand tickets for the show "Titãs Encontro" in Sao Paulo sold out in just two hours, the band has announced concert after concert, a tour that will perform in 19 Brazilian arenas, reaching 500 thousand people in over 20 dates announced so far.

This tour, celebrating 40 years since the formation of the most innovative band of their generation, could not miss a trip to the "brotherly country".

Thus, on November 3, 2023, Lisbon will welcome the tour - "Titãs Encontro" - from the iconic group that moved generations. They bring a repertoire of "titanic" hits, with songs interpreted by the different lead singers, live symbol showing that Titãs are a superband that blow any big arena away.

This historical reunion brings together the work of all the artists throughout these 4 decades, and will unite several audiences. Those who have always followed these musicians' concerts, and those who will see the seven Titãs on stage for the first time.



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