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The most prestigious event of Motor Freestyle of the world, Freestyle World Tour, arrives for the first time to Portugal. The Altice Arena at Lisbon will be hosting for this spectacular show where the world’s wildest drivers will be performing their most incredible tricks. Authentic specialist in the greatest motor show. Back flips, Supermans, crazy jumps and explosions, awesome tricks… that will pump your adrenaline up. The audience will be able to hear the roar of the engines while the Riders perform impossible stunts in which balance and skill will be the key to the show. The most successful riders in Freestyle worldwide will arrive in Lisbon: Edgar Torronteras, living legend of Freestyle, Leo Fini, Rider X-Games, Guillem Navas, bronze medalist in the X-Games, Adrian Garrido, James Trincucci and Diogo Ribeiro. It'll be an evening to remember.

The 5 brave pilots will jump to heights of up to 15 meters and distances of more than 30, in a spectacular setting, the Altice Arena. A day of excitement at full throttle! You'll live the impossible!


Pack V.I.P.

- Prime location
- Fast track
- Meet&Greet with the pilots
- Poster signed by the pilots
- Exclusive raffle of equipment for pilots


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