• Fans can start queueing to enter the venue after 9am on October 3rd - the day of the show. Wristbands will be given out with sequential numbers by arriving order. A valid ticket is mandatory for the concert on October 3rd at Altice Arena. Wristbands will NOT be given out before 9am for fans who camp out during the night or arrive before 9am. These fans will be directed to the same queue.

• Doors will open at 6.00pm. We advise all those with wristbands to stand at the entry queue organized by security after 3pm. Security guards will respect the numerical order of wristbands between 3 and 4pm. After 4pm the public will start queueing by arriving order.

• If wristbands are lost, removed or tampered with, the spot will be given away. It is not allowed for fans to save a spot for others. We kindly ask everyone to be cordial and polite with all the other members of the queue.


Louis Tomlinson announces his European tour and releases a new single "Out of My System" - the 2nd single from his new album "Faith in the Future".

The British singer and composer - former member of One Direction - includes Portugal in his new tour, and his concert takes place on October 3 at Altice Arena.

Faith in the Future will be his 2nd solo album, and Louis Tomlinson prepared it with a goal in mind - producing songs that together would result in a great live show.

In 2021, Louis entered the Guinness Book of Records as the male solo artist to perform the biggest livestream show of all time with 160.000 tickets sold in over 110 countries. The concert had the goal of collecting funds for several associations of show professionals affected by the pandemic.





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