In the 85th anniversary of Rádio Renascença, an unparalleled and unrepeatable concert: the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs in Lisbon, at the Altice Arena on March 19, 2023, presenting two unforgettable names of the classical repertoire: Tchaikovsky and Rimski- Korsakov.
A unique opportunity, in one of next year’s biggest events, marking a historic date: Rádio Renascença’s anniversary.


The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
There is perhaps no other musical ensemble more consistently and intimately associated with the history and tradition of European classical music than the Vienna Philharmonic.
Throughout its 180 years, the musicians of the most prominent orchestra of the “capital of music”, Vienna, were an integral part of a musical era that, due to the abundance of composers and performers of unparalleled talent, must certainly be considered unique.
The orchestra's close association with this rich musical history is illustrated in the statements of prominent musical personalities of the past. Richard Wagner described the orchestra as one of the most outstanding in the world, Johannes Brahms considered himself a "friend and admirer", Gustav Mahler claimed to be united with the orchestra through "the ties of musical art", and Richard Strauss summed up these feelings by saying: "All praise for the Vienna Philharmonic is nothing more than an understatement."


The Maestro | Tugan Sokhiev
Considered one of the best conductors of the new generation, conductor Tugan Sokhiev has a brilliant career leading the best orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls in the world.


The program
Tchaikovsky | Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, op.36
Composed in 1877
Rimski-Korsakov | Scheherazade, op.35
Symphonic suite composed in 1888 and based on the book One Thousand and One Nights


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