"Bullet For My Valentine", the seventh full-length from the band led by the charismatic Matt Tuck, is the motto for the European tour that brings the Welsh musicians to Portugal for the first time. Having just made history by being the main attraction at the Download Pilot festival, on the sacred ground of Donington Park, the much-acclaimed BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - a quartet formed by Tuck on guitar and vocals, Michael "Padge" Paget on lead guitar, Jamie Mathias on bass and Jason Bowld on drums - brings a demolishing collection of new songs, which shows them opening a new, and daring, chapter in a career that is constantly growing.

Since BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE first came together in 1998, they have held the place as one of the biggest bands in contemporary metal. To date, they have sold over three million albums worldwide and won three gold records, as well as helping to define British metalcore with their explosive debut album "The Poison", now seen as a classic by lovers.

Fifteen years, four hugely successful albums and countless tours later, the Bridgend band make a statement of intent - new 'Bullet For My Valentine' is claimed to be the heaviest, fiercest album they've ever made. "This is the beginning of Bullet 2.0," says Matt Tuck, the group's helmsman. "The new album is a representation of where we are right now. The music is fresh, it's aggressive, it's more visceral and more passionate than ever."

Succeeding the huge success of their last album, 2018's "Gravity", which saw them play their biggest shows ever, including a sold-out UK tour and a massive concert at London's Alexandra Palace, the musicians go back to basics. "It's the fiercest side I've ever known to Bullet For My Valentine," says Michael "Padge" Paget. "It was time for us to release a really furious, aggressive, heavy album. I think that's the direction we've really shone in. I can't wait to be making faces on stage!".

The truth is, from the first audition, fans will immediately recognize BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. From the vicious opening with "Parasite" to the fury of single "Knives", the Welshmen's new album is pure metallic adrenaline from start to finish, all thunderous solos and monstrous riffs reflecting the challenging period in which they were recorded. "In a metaphorical way only, but I want to rip people's heads off," concludes Matt Tuck. Brace yourselves, the unwary.

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