The tour that brings together TRIVIUM and HEAVEN SHALL BURN has been postponed to 2023.

Originally announced for 27 November, the show joining North Americans TRIVIUM and Germans HEAVEN SHALL BURN has been postponed to 4 February 2023 at the same venue. "We are deeply disappointed to have to postpone these dates, as we were determined to be one of the first international artists to resume touring in Europe," says Matt Heafy's quintet. "Unfortunately, with the uncertainty regarding cross border travel and all the restrictions, it became impossible for us to keep the dates as they were planned. We can assure you that we tried to do everything possible to make these concerts happen and it was by no means a decision we took lightly. We can't wait to come back and see you at the new dates." Maik Weichert adds: "We can't let frustration consume us! Our focus has always been on people's safety and well-being, so we look to the future in a very positive light and believe that this tour will be even more exciting when it finally happens. We thank you for your understanding. Please do not be disappointed."

Purchased tickets are valid for the new dates. However, the ticket holder can request a refund within 30 working days from 25 October until 07 December at the place of ticket purchase.
 After having, in 2017, closed the VOA - HEAVY ROCK FESTIVAL before a surrendered audience and, in 2019, having signed one of the most memorable performances of the event, TRIVIUM return to our country on 4 February 2023 - and, this time, they do it in their own name. The quartet, which today includes Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent, will take the stage at Tejo Room, in Lisbon, to strengthen their long-established friendship with the Portuguese public. After a stop forced by the pandemic and, now, the delay of this tour, the self-proclaimed Kings of Streaming, the same who set the Altice Arena on fire with a very cheerful version of "Coração Não Tem Idade (Vou Beijar)" and the participation of the popular singer TOY, bring with them their most recent studio album, entitled "In The Court Of The Dragon", which was edited last 8th October and immediately received with praises by the public and the specialized press.

In this return to the road, Matt Heafy and company will not be alone - and besides a new album, they bring luxury support. Contemporaries, and with co-headliners status, the Germans HEAVEN SHALL BURN are veterans of the European metalcore group. Since 1996, they have specialized in the art of making highly politicized, anti-racist and anti-fascist extreme metal, which brings to mind the brutality of Bolt Thrower and the electro-rock grit of The Haunted. With nine full length albums under their belt and countless successful tours on both sides of the Atlantic, over the last decades the quintet composed of Maik Weichert, Marcus Bischoff, Alexander Dietz, Eric Bischoff and Christian Bass has built an unshakable reputation, clearly evident in their most recent full length, "Of Truth And Sacrifice", an epic double album in which they explore the versatility of their extreme sound.
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Originating from Florida in the United States, TRIVIUM took shape in 2000 and, overnight, caught on to the wave generated by the burial of nu-metal and the consequent blossoming of metalcore, beginning to create a buzz in Orlando's headbanger community. From buzzing to roaring, the project began to make waves in the underground and, with social networks serving as tools of dissemination, they made their curious mixture of metalcore, thrash and progressive metal reach beyond borders. It didn't take long for them to sign a record deal with German label Lifeforce, who released "Ember to Inferno", the much-acclaimed debut album of the group idealized by the young vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, in October 2003.

Supported by the technical and compositional talent of its strategist, in a world after the stratospheric success of "Alive Or Just Breathing", they were quickly "grabbed" by Roadrunner, in a move that would indelibly mark the growth they suffered in the following years. Already with a stabilized line-up, based on Heafy, Travis Smith on drums, Paolo Gregoletto on bass and Corey Beaulieu on second guitar, they released "Ascendancy" in March 2005 and quickly jumped from MySpace players to magazine covers, an increase in exposure that allowed them to begin to outline the ascending route that nowadays allows us to look at them as the standard-bearers of contemporary metal produced on the other side of the Atlantic.

Backed by a string of universally acclaimed albums - "The Crusade" (2006), "Shogun" (2008), "In Waves" (2011), "Vengeance Falls" (2013), "Silence In The Snow" (2015), "The Sin And The Sentence" (2017), "What The Dead Men Say" (2020) - TRIVIUM have spent the last decade playing around the world in front of ever bigger audiences alongside "icons" like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Machine Head and Cannibal Corpse, climbing the sales charts, honing a sound increasingly their own and establishing a reputation as one of the brightest and most successful propositions of their generation. With over a million records sold worldwide, the latest studio record of the North American quartet entitled "In The Court Of The Dragon" was released in October this year and proves once again that, with one foot in the old school and the other firmly in the heavy metal present, there is no one to stand up to them.





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