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Embark on a journey of millions of years.

Dino Parque is the largest open-air museum in Portugal, set in an area of 10 hectares, including 4 tracks corresponding to some of the most important periods in the history of the earth: The end of the Paleozoicthe Triassicthe Jurassic and the Cretaceous.

Along these tracks visitors can observe over 120 models of dinosaurs and other animals on a real scale. The Park was specially designed to be an “Edutainment” (Education + Entertainment) experience, combining the knowledge part of Earth's evolution and also the fun part for the whole family.

Besides the outdoor tracks, you can visit the main central building which grants access to the museum of Lourinhã, exhibiting its fantastic collection of paleontological discoveries. In the laboratory it is also possible to observe the preparation of fossils in real time.

You can also find an Activities Pavilion where visitors can experience different activities related to paleontology and be a paleontologist for one day.


Paid ticket from the age of 4.


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