Everything you need to know about Port Wine, from the vineyard to the glass, in an unique format that includes an interactive museum tour, a guided tour and a premium wine tasting.

This tour includes:

- Guided tour of the museum and our historic wineries in 4 different languages* (English, Spanish, French or Portuguese).
- FIVE tasting options:
     - CLASSIC - 2 great wines (Cálem Fine White and Cálem Special Reserve Tawny)
     - PREMIUM - 3 wines (Cálem White & Dry, Late Bottled Vintage and 10 Years Old Tawny
     - EXCLUSIVE – 3 wines (Rose Port, Vintage and 10 years old Tawny)
     - SP. TASTING W/ CHOCOLAT: Guided Tour + 3 Port Wine Tastings (White & Dry, 10 Year Old Tawny & Colheita) & Chocolates – Margarida milk and dark chocolate, dark chocolate with raisins & dark chocolate tartlet
     - SP. TASTING W/ CHOCOLATE + CHEESE: Guided Tour + 3 Port Wine Tastings (LBV, Vintage & Colheita), Chocolates & Cheese – Transmontano Goat Cheese, Cheese from S. Jorge Island, Margarida milk chocolate, dark chocolate tartlet, Crackers and jam

* Languages depending on availability at different times of the day: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

** Children under 5 years do not pay. From 6 to 17 they pay 50%. Minors should be always accompanied by an adult.

*** Facilities for People with a disability.

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