Embark on a magical journey with Luccas Neto and Gi in “"O Mundo de Magia e Fantasia" (The World of Magic and Fantasy), an unforgettable show for the entire family!

The children’s universe current phenomenon, actor Luccas Neto, is back on stage with a new musical production totally separate from previous works, bringing in a more scenic and engaging show meant for children and their families to enjoy it in a different way. 'Luccas e Gi em: O Mundo de Magia e Fantasia' is its name, a show that premiered in march 2024 in Rio de Janeiro.

There is a beautiful scenery on stage, signed by the renowned Clívia Cohen, and Victor Aragão is the set designer for this production. Their work allows the audience to create a magic imagery which mixes fun, adventure and learning. Luccas and Gi introduce a variety of career choices, sharing their dreams for the future and inspiring the children to explore their own. Fans of Aventureiros will be delighted to see “Super Foca” and “Super Sereia” in action, fighting against new villains, the characters “Zota Lorota” and “Dentinho”. Moreover, Luccas Neto expands the show’s universe by including the world of Prince Lu in it, bringing an exciting story about the kingdom of Lucebra. With a cast of more than 10 talented artists, the musical show unfolds in a magnificent ballet and a variety of stunning figurines. With this show’s new musical repertoire, the children will be able to not only sing and dance to the sound of musical hits that make the delight of younger audiences, but also the new compositions especially made for this show.

“I am very excited to bring this new adventure to the audience. We want to create moments of magic and fun, on top of conveying positive and inspiring messages for children”, Luccas comments.

The musical is directed by Diego Morais and Pedro Henrique Lopes, both names widely recognized for their solid careers, oriented towards younger audiences, and for the significance of their works on different platforms. The duo has already been in charge of the Brazilian version of the official show “Disney Princesa” (Disney Princess); and also the award-winning drama-based project for families "Grandes Músicos para Pequenos" (Big Musicians for the Little Ones) which, through the course of more than 10 years of existence, has already premiered more than 7 musical shows for families based on important Brazilian musicians, namely: Luiz Gonzaga, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Raul Seixas, Elis Regina, Elza Soares e Braguinha.

Luccas Neto’s newest show promises to be an unforgettable, engaging, memorable experience for the entire family, filled with laughter, emotions and unforgettable moments, in a new style that will charm the audience.

Information on the event:
Venue opening: 16h00
Event start: 17h30
Classification: M/6
Show duration: 70min

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