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_AIVØLUT1ØN_ - The Transformative Power of Artificial Intelligence - is a conference for business leaders that wish to understand and explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on their organizations.

On May 29, 2024, Knower™ brings renowned speakers and pioneers in the technological analysis of the future to Portugal's biggest event and show venue MEO Arena - Tejo Hall.

What is included in the ticket?

Ø  Access to the conference-show room
Ø  Access to the exhibition hall
Ø  Welcome Coffee, Coffee Breaks & Network Lunch
Ø  Beatboombers show by Vortice Dance Company
Ø  9h of strategic insights and exclusive networking

This conference is for you if you:
Ø  are an organization leader;
Ø  aim to be in the forefront of information;
Ø  want access to thought leaders:
Ø  search for business opportunities.

Join us for a unique experience, full of insights and exclusive network.
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