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The Moorish Castle is a military fortification that bears witness to the Islamic presence in the region, and was probably constructed between the eighth and ninth centuries and later expanded after the Reconquista. Overlooking the town of Sintra, it served as a watchtower, guaranteeing the protection of Lisbon and its surroundings. It was acquired and restored as a medieval ruin, also in keeping with the romantic taste of the period, by Ferdinand II. The Castle has an irregular plan and is composed of a double belt of walls. The internal wall presents a bailey, battlements and the reinforcement provided by five fortified towers. Inside, the cistern, fed by rainwater, and the Royal Tower are some the most interesting features.

In 2013 a project of restoration and enhancement of the Castle was concluded, which provided the monument with new infrastructures made of wood (which evoke medieval assault towers), and recovered paths, the walls and the cistern. The project was preceded by archaeological digs that revealed more than thirty medieval Christian tombs, foundations of Muslim dwellings and artefacts from the Neolithic, which have deepened historical knowledge about the site. Visit the Center for the Interpretation of the History of the Moorish Castle, which exhibits archaeological findings that enable a better understanding of the evolution of human occupation in this area of the hills.


Open daily apart from 1 January and 25 December:

Timetable: 9am – 6.30pm (last ticket and last admission: 6pm)


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