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The Brazilian comedian Rafi Bastos is coming to Portugal for a unique show at Teatro Maria Matos on March 12.

One of the pioneers in the stand-up art in Brazil, Rafi Bastos became famous after videos of some of his shows in the prestigious Comedy Cellar became viral online.

After a 17-year-long career in humour and acting, the artist took the United States by storm - the home country for stand up. In 2011 he was considered by New York Times as Twitter's most influential person - at the time with 7 million followers. Nowadays, he has over 11 million. In 2013 he was awarded the Shorty Award - known as the "Social Media Oscar", for Best Comedian. His videos are in Portuguese and English, and Rafi continues to prove that he is among the most talented artists of Latin America - always with high quality, innovation and influence.

His clever and insightful view of the world led him to huge success and to becoming the first Brazilian comedian with regular presence in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the world.

Rafi has also done three comedy specials on Netflix, participated in films and has already had his own talk show.

The comedian is bringing his show UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY to Portugal - the same that he is on tour with in the United States. A show completely in English, where everything is seen through a new perspective.

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