Tickets CUCA ROSETA - 15 ANOS DE FADO | MEO Blueticket


Cuca Roseta is one of the most acclaimed fado singers today. She began her career in fado at the age of 18, quickly standing out for her talent and her voice.

With seven albums released, all of them highly acclaimed by the public and widely distinguished by critics, the artist soon achieved a prominent place in the Fado panorama.

Cuca Roseta stands out as one of the most prominent fado singers nationally and internationally and is also considered an artistic phenomenon and one of the greatest and most recognized Portuguese performers.

The success of Cuca Roseta took her to tour and sing in more than 50 countries around the world, performing on the most prestigious stages spread across all continents.

In 2024 she will celebrate her 15 years of career, or rather, 15 years of fado and tradition. For this reason and to celebrate and thank all this consecration, now is the time to take the stage in the biggest venue in the country – the MEO Arena – for a unique and singular show, full of surprises, that no one will be able to miss.

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