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Mario Biondi, the Italian singer with a warm, unmistakable voice, returns to Portugal for an intimate concert.
The one responsible for his love for music was his father, the popular Italian singer Stefano Biondi, to whom Mario pays hommage with his artistic name, for having cultivated this passion in him from an early age. Used to performing in front of thousands of people since childhood, he started his career as a choir singer.

He releases his first solo album “Handful of Soul” in 2006, which got platinum in less than three months.
His popularity reached its peak in 2013 with the album “Sun” reaching number 1 in the charts. Produced by Biondi together with Jean Paul Maunick from Incognito, it featured several guests and renowned influences: Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and James Taylor. The artist remained in the sales charts, with the release of a Christmas album “Mario Christmas”, which followed “Sun” to the charts.

Biondi explored countless sounds and traditions, working with rhythms such as Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, R&B and global Pop, bringing a freshness and modernization to his productions, but simultaneously keeping his vintage style.

Throughout his career, he collaborated with artists such as Burt Bacharac, Chaka Kahn, Michael Bolton, Incognito, The Crusaders, among others, which granted him several prizes and recognitions throughout his career.

His vast experience made Mario become the huge artists he is nowadays, having reached international fame and being known as one of the biggest names in Italian Jazz.

A career encompassing several tours all over the world, with several sold-out venues and participations in countless and prestigious jazz festivals, Mario Biondi returns to Portugal for a charming show in Salão Preto e Prata at Casino Estoril, on Abril 6, 2024.

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