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The musical phenomenom of the new sertanejo, Ana Castela, returns to Lisbon on October 5 for a concert at Altice Arena.

For Ana Castela, born in Sete Quedas, Mato Grosso do Sul, being a professional singer wasn't part of her plans. It was one of her recordings singing "Vaqueiro Apaixonado", by Loubet, on the internet while having some fun with friends that catapulted her to fame. In record time, she got thousands and thousands of followers.
However, the artist's boom really took place when she released her first album "Boiadeira", which not only became viral in a few hours on streaming platforms and social media, especially TikTok, but also gave her the homonimous title.
Afterwards, she recorded “Nois é da Roça Bebê”, her second single, “Neon”, “As Meninas da Pecuária”, with the duo Léo and Raphael, “Chama”, which featured Luan Pereira, and the re-recording of “Clima de Rodeio”, by the composer Marcelo Luiz de Matos.

In 2022, Ana Castela became one of the most important names of sertaneja music in Brazil, with significant numbers on streaming platforms, exceeding 15 million monthly listeners and 10 million followers on social media. In just two months, her hit "Pipoco" became Number 1 on Spotify, where it remained for 3 months. Throughout the year, with Israel and Rodolpho, in "Bombonzinho", Number-1 song on Spotify during the month of December, with Gusttavo Lima, in “Canudinho”, and with Luan Pereira and Zé Felipe, in “Roça em Mim”, Ana Castela has had countless partnerships, not forgetting the astounding success of “Nosso Quadro” and “Solteiro Forçado – Boiadeira Internacional”.

Having won big national prizes, like the Prémio Multishow as "Best New Artist" and the TikTok Award as "Não Nasci, estreei", to close out 2022 with a bang, the artist was featured as one of the year's chosen figures Under 30, by Forbes Brasil.

After performing at North Festival and Brasil Vibes, also via Vibes&Beats, Ana Castela will return in 2024 for a concert, on October 5 at Altice Arena.

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