Tickets 45 IN THE NIGHT | MEO Blueticket


In life there are several important dates, but none as important as the birthday of your Radio.

Exaggeration? Purchase your ticket for MEO Arena on February 24 and you will see!

Of course our birthday is only on March 12, but we want to celebrate big and thus we're starting earlier! Or then it's because that was when the venue was available! DOESN'T MATTER! 45 IN THE NIGHT!

We want this to be an epic concert! An unforgettable mega party, dedicated to all who choose Radio Comercial and help make Comercial the Number 1 Radio in Portugal!

There will be laughter, dances, trains, applause and a tear in the corner of your eye alongside "Ai Comercial, you're so grown up!". The invitation has been made, now you just need to get your ticket!

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