"Cidade", António Zambujo's 10th album, will be released on November 10.
In the beginning of 2024, the new album will be presented live at Coliseu Porto Ageas, on February 16. Entirely written and composed by Miguel Araújo, this album features 12 songs among which the singles "Dancemos um Slow" and "Leva-me de Mim".

"At the time when I was writing these songs, I realised a common subtext that crossed over all of them, contributing to a whole that, in my imagination, was similar to something like "urban solitude". These city songs, of solitude shared by millions of neighbours who elbow each other and live cornered in a common cage.
Any song is better when he is the one singing it. These songs are his as much as mine. They stayed for him, are his now, lucky them, lucky me."

Miguel Araújo

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